A Lawn Large Enough
for Everyone

Longfield’s signature amenity is the Lawn, a private park tucked between the two buildings. This shared backyard boasts nearly half an acre of multi-use green space for year-round, direct access to nature—a buffer between the energy of the city and the intimacy of home.

With its rolling landscape of native plants and grasses, the Lawn serves as a scenic shortcut that connects the towers, and opens the adjoining Playroom and Library spaces into the outdoors. 

Longfield’s Lawn keeps residents connected to nature and each other, with multiple zones that support active and passive recreation, and solo or social experiences.

The Lawn’s active zones provide places to come together for a family picnic, morning tai chi, or an outdoor movie night. Its passive zones offer spaces for quieter moments, daydreaming beneath the birch grove, or reading on one of the benches built into a grassy hillside. 

At the private outdoor playground, kids can make new friends and build skills while neighbors and caretakers connect. Playdates and birthday parties can spill onto the open green of the Lawn, or into the adjacent Playroom.

Pets are a vital part of the Longfield community. A dog run on site and pet wash stations in each tower are convenient for animals—and their people.