Come Home to Community

Flushing, Queens is home to New Yorkers of all kinds—young families, newcomers to the city, retirees returning from the suburbs—all living together in the city’s most diverse neighborhood. Here, many apartments are shared by multigenerational families, and deep social ties reinforce a strong feeling of community.

Longfield is a new residential development in Flushing that’s inspired by this spirit of togetherness. All encompassing balconies and indoor/outdoor amenities encourage interaction between people and nature.

Intended to cultivate connection to one another and to a distinct sense of place, Longfield’s range of indoor/outdoor amenities—including a 17,000 square-foot private park—encourage interaction between people and nature.

Apartments and shared spaces are designed for residents of different ages and family structures, and prioritize comfort, convenience, and community at any stage of life.

It’s a model for urban living where neighbors are friends, and family lives next door. Where grandparents are on the same floor as the grandchildren they care for. Where best friends can grow up side by side. Where extended families can create a home and a life together. Where residents can find comfort, convenience, and community at any phase of life.